100% Guarantee accurate or we pay all the costs

Surely, all fulfilment companies offer a 100% guarantee don’t they? Nope. The truth is that all good fulfilment companies aim for 100% and try very hard to minimise errors in the pick and pack process. They may store all clients’ products together so they are easy to find; employ the same staff to work on the same clients orders each day to foster a ‘product knowledge’; invite clients to train their staff for specific product knowledge; play on the fact that the staff have been with the fulfilment company for years and know how everything works.

So, why do errors creep in? In most cases, errors occur due to gaps in the pick and pack process. These gaps are normally filled by well meaning, good quality staff who spot the errors and fix them on the go. However, when these good people go on holiday, are sick, or simply have too much to do one day, those gaps can go unnoticed and a picking error becomes a packing error which ultimately leads to one of your customers receiving the wrong goods.

The only way to crack this problem once and for all is to ensure the process itself is fool proof regardless of whether staff are having a good or bad day.

OK, so far so good……but what if an error still manages to squeeze through? Firstly, we apologise unreservedly. We fully appreciate the damage caused to your brand and we feel bad about that. Then;

  • we process a replacement order free of charge
  • we pay for the second shipping charge*
  • we can arrange collection of your original items*
100% Guarantee E-PickPack

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