Our extensive warehouse have secured storage facilities for either Pallet, Cartons or item on Shelves. E-PickPack storage systems is designed to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of our diverse client base. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver a solution to suit your business at a price you can afford. So we can accept individual items or pallets to suit your need.

E-PickPack Warehousing as a third party logistics provider (3PL) offer flexible, cost effective warehousing and secure storage services for your changing needs, backed by core values and many years of experience. Our cost-effective ‘off-the-shelf’ packages are utilised for your mainstream warehousing requirements, whilst flexible value-added services are continually being developed – affording you a competitive place in your market sector. Our location ensures no-delay access to motorway network and a superb transport infrastructure with major air, rail and seaports only minutes away.

Secure Pallet And Cartons Storage E-PickPack

Warehousing & Storage variations include:

  • Short-term / temporary warehousing & storage – catering for seasonal fluctuations
  • Long-term warehousing & storage – without additional overheads of operating / owning your own site.
  • Big external Storage – on secure warehousing site / hi-tech alarms / manned, etc.
  • Returns centre warehouse
  • Local / Regional Distribution Centre (LDC / RDC) – providing reliable Just In Time (JIT) deliveries and associated savings..
  • Fixed-rate goods handling charge (RHD) – either including or excluding additional activities as preferred..
Secure Pallet And Cartons Storage E-PickPack

It is important to choose the right type of storage method for the variation of goods you need us to handle . The advice will ensure the right method of handling & storage is used to keep condition and accessibility as required, our unique costing system will provide the most cost-effective route to your benefit.

Typical value-added service options – often an essential ingredient necessary to reap the core benefits of outsourced logistics services – include:-.

  • Order-pick & pack operations.
  • Multi-product re-group / re-palletise.
  • Labelling / re-labelling or other ‘clean-room’ operations.
  • Quality systems, exceptions & check-in procedures.
  • Proven Inventory Control & reporting systems.
  • Transport Management.
  • Distribution: through our 3rd party carefully chosen haulage contractors we can arrange movement of goods at competitive rates from next day samples to full vehicles – providing a single reliable management & accounting source

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