E-PickPack can integrate directly with the main marketplace and website platforms like Amazon, ebay, Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Rakuten from all countries.

All your customers orders will come directly to us to pick, we pack and dispatch your orders quickly and cheaply.

Our Software solution is ideal for small to medium companies at minimum cost. With our system, you simply send us your products and we will integrate the platform and update the stock 24/7 as we receive orders.

Managed Market Place Listing E-PickPack

We can also….

  • Receive your products in containers, pallets, boxes or even from the back of your car
  • Inspect your products when they arrive at our warehouse to make sure there are no damages and the correct amount have arrived
  • Integrate directly all your marketplace and your online shop to retrieve customer orders automatically
  • Update the stock live 24/7 on all connected platform
  • Pick your orders from our warehouse with Customised Order confirmation
  • Carefully package your customers order
  • Organize an appropriate and cost effective carrier to get your customers order delivered
  • Update the tracking numbers for each of your orders for selected website/marketplace.
  • Handle your Customers returns, put it back into stock in order to re sell it quickly

Please contact us now to discuss your need

01296-601-570 OR contact@e-pickpack.co.uk